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De Beppy Soft + Comfort tampon is ontwikkeld voor en door vrouwen!
The Beppy Soft + Comfort Tampon is a soft flexible sponge that you wear
during your period. The Beppy offers up to 8 hours of invisible protection.
Without a string!


What is the difference between the DRY & WET version?

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The video

Watch the instructional video about the Beppy tampon.

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Beppy string-free tampons give you freedom

The Beppy tampon is a soft, flexible sponge that you wear inside during your period. Beppy offers invisible protection, even up to 8 hours. Invisible because the Beppy tampon is string-free.

So during your period, with Beppy tampons, you can go to the sauna and no-one will notice a string. Or go swimming without worrying about anything. With Beppy you can also stay clean and comfortable making love during your period. And you don’t need to explain anything if you don’t want to because your partner won’t notice it.
The Beppy tampon was developed by gynaecologists. An easy-to-use and hygienic string-free tampon, designed for maximum comfort and optimum protection.

With the Beppy Tampon you can:

  • go swimming
  • go to the sauna
  • have sex
  • play sports
  • go out

Advantages & Facts

  • No string
  • Luxury product
  • One size fits all
  • Soft + Comfort
  • Use for up to 8 hours
  • Choice of two versions